Let Your Searches Make a Difference.

It's Easy to Make Ripples

Start your web searches using Ripple Search.

We refer you to Yahoo's search feed where ads generate revenue.

After operating costs, this funds food & water sustainability projects around the world.

Just a handfull of searches generate enough revenue for us to provide 1 meal through organizations like The Farmlink Project and Mision Para Cristo.

We Are Making Ripples World Wide

Our community has already helped to fund over 150 projects around the world. Fighting hunger one family at a time by funding personal and community agricultural, food, and small business microloan projects.

Marivic’s Story - We are More than a Search Platform

Marivic, a mother of three and rice farmer of 17 years. She lives in a low income community in the Philippines but is focused on providing more for both her family and surrounding community. Through her desire, we were able to help fund her farm's growth through one of our field partners.  This project not only benefited Marivic’s family but also her community.

We are creating ripples positively impacting lives: one person, one family, one village, one search at a time.

Why Use Ripple Search?

Each search does so many more good things.

  • Hunger and Poverty

    We are fighting hunger by empowering those most in need to thrive.

  • Water and Education

    By providing clean water we are enhancing a family's health with less sickness and opportunity for school.

  • Community and Employment

    Our land revitalization projects are run by the local villagers, providing both jobs and communal ownership.

  • Environment

    Many of our sustainability projects revitalize soil, reforest with fruit trees, and cleans waterways.

A 6 Year Old's Dream

Spending her Thursday afternoons serving at the largest food pantry in Delaware, Eleanor grew a passion for helping others. At the age of six she asked her father if she could make an app. When he asked what the app would do she excitedly replied "feed hungry children!"

After 5 years of visioning, brainstorming, developing, and sharing the idea with others, Eleanor and her father decided to partner with some amazing companies to make this dream a reality. And Ripple Search was born, the app that takes your everyday web usage and turns it into part of the solution for fighting global hunger.

It's Easy to Make Ripples

No need to visit RippleSearch.com to make an impact.
Download the browser extension and search through your browser’s address bar or by opening a new page.

Install Ripple Search Now

No matter how small the action may seem, the power of your searches made through Ripple Search creates lasting ripples in the lives of so many around the world.

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